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Having multiple accounts for your online business? Are you looking for online business management services? Do you struggling to manage them efficiently? Searching for manpower or loosing big business opportunities due to lack of time and knowledge, Then you’re at the right place, we can help you out.


Want to Drive More Traffic To Your Business?

Everyone appreciates the value of the audience because it’s the most essential part of any business. We focus on your target audience to build loyal customers out of them. Our primary motive is to present your business in an effective way to a specific set of audiences. A splendid presence in a targeted market improves brand awareness and supports online businesses to generate revenues. Our marketing strategies boost search ranking and enhance productivity.

Akvaney Technologies helps in generating traffic to your official website and reasonably assure a good user experience, so users keep coming back.

Online Business Management Can Be Overwhelming.

The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Website Development

We develop sites based on your business requirements & industry needs. Craft a website now.

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A website is such an essential tool for every business these days. A business can easily be judged based on the quality of the website. We build a great website as per your business needs. The website developed by us is based on internet marketing standards, so it will show you the benefits of having a website. 

A business website helps in:

  1. Best place to showcase your products
  2. The customer gets to know about your brand
  3. Effective product advertising
  4. 24 X 7 Online Store
  5. Online presence worldwide
  6. Convenience for customers

Digital Marketing

We provide and manage digital marketing assets for your enterprise. Contact us for consultation.

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Our digital marketing package is a complete bundle of helpful tools. We do different activities to generate the need for your product as well as promote your brand for better growth.

Digital marketing could be as simple as posting stories on WhatsApp but as saying goes, doing anything without getting results is a waste of time. Our experts not only know where to invest but also understand which platform to promote your business. We cover a variety of digital marketing needs for better marketing. In our digital marketing package, we cover almost every online tool which would be profitable for your business in the upcoming future. The only thing we require from you is your strong determination and positive belief on the internet. You can give us rest to manage things. We take responsibility for updating your portfolio from time to time. Digital marketing, which we offer is a custom made service that depends on your marketing needs as well as your budget and goals for your business.

Google Adwords

A most effective tool for business but it can also prove to be worst if not managed properly. We have professionals for this tool.

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The reach of the internet in our country is increasing day by day. People are using voice search as well as other linguistic tools to get what they are seeking. Google is one of the most popular search engines and the favorite choice of people for finding information. As most people use Google for searching for solutions to fulfill their needs then it could also be the most helpful tool for businesses to showcase what people are looking for. The most advanced tool of Google for marketing is the Google ads which help enterprises to get to the target audience with some popular keywords. Google AdWords is an open-source tool that anyone can use, but it requires a lot of experience to get positive results out of this. 

Any kind of advertising requires money as an investment, so does the Google AdWords. Most people fail in managing budgets as well as gaining returns. Akvaney technology not only maintains efficient growth from Google ads but also ensures that your investment does not go wane. Our experienced professionals select the right keyword at the right bid to generate maximum profit. If you are facing problems managing Google AdWords or wants to post your first ads then please contact us.

Graphic Designing

Every online business requires graphics somewhere or other. We have the most creative ones.

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Graphics are the attentive visuals which attracts customers towards your business. A effective and attractive graphic designing is now become very important for any businesses. Social Media platforms are the places where the graphical designed contents get much attention and response. We are the experienced professionals who understand the consumer behavior and create the specific content designing to get the maximum response and result out of it. If you’re interested in reading about graphic designing then refer our partner’s blog- Design Stripes.

Online Account Management

Outsource your B2B & B2C online accounts management to expert lead managers to improve productivity.

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Nowadays, companies hold multiple online accounts which at the earlier is the most encouraging part of any business, but as time passes by it becomes a cumbersome thing to tackle. We provide outsourcing services so that each profile of your business yields growth ensuring that every penny you spend on these online portals gets you monetary returns. Our professionals not only manages your online needs but also enhances your profile as per the e-commerce guidelines. We do lead management, profile enhancement, and marketing planning on some of the reputed online business platforms. Akvaney Technologies manages B2B & B2C portals and deliver you the best results out of them.  Outsourcing any portal not only saves time but also a great way to save money. Our group of trained workers provides better productivity than any of your digital marketing employees. We manage your portals, taking your business like ours in mind.

Social Media Marketing

If you have social media accounts but don’t know much about it then let’s work together. 

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People trust something when they have much information about it. The business also requires awareness and connection with the population. It is now a fact that everyone is present on at least one social media platform. The presence of people on platforms like  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc creates opportunities for businesses to generate prospects and make their products and services known to people. The large size of the easily available audience should be used to market our services.

We help the brand to build marketing strategies for the social media platform. We help them connect with their target audience. Having an unengaged audience on social media is worse than having no audience. We use good practices to develop engagement amount followers and keep them updated about your new products and services.

Facebook Ads

The size of the audience on FB is the most interesting feature of this platform. We help the business to optimize their Facebook Advertising.

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Everybody knows the success of Facebook and the size of the population Facebook has. Facebook not only has an audience but also has great opportunities for businesses to take support. It helps in generating customers and building a profitable relationship. Facebook’s marketing offers organic as well as inorganic tools for businesses like yours to capture a specific audience and help you to brand our product to their feeds. Their inorganic marketing is a better way only if it is used effectively. We have professionals, who are skilled in Facebook ads and marketing.

We understand the audience, their behavior, and accordingly, we develop strategies on Facebook. If your brand also requires a strong marketing campaign then you should try Facebook ads and take our help to develop an effective plan.

Akvaney Technologies focuses not only to keep your budget low but also on targeting your customers for better memorization of your brand.

Branding Solutions

If online advertising not building you as a brand, then pause for a while and hit the learn button to learn more.

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Hey, if you are already into the online market but not experiencing exponential growth, then we are here for your help. We have trained professionals for branding & advertising solutions. Our team is capable of producing branding solutions for every online enterprise. Our approach to branding is simple. We investigate your business and do thorough research on your target audience and prepare an effective strategy to convert them into leads and then into revenues. Our team not only resolves faults in your profile but also capable of building an enhancement process by enriching your online presence and adding some tools for the betterment. Akvaney technology branding solutions include a variety of methods and strategies to make your brand profitable online. Having an experience in the e-commerce industry and customer behavior enables us to help others hit better results.

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